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Prenatal Care

You're pregnant. Congratulations.
Once the suspicion has been confirmed with a test, it is time to contact the gynaecologist to pass the first control. It is advisable to do it around the 7-8th week of gestation. This query is usually very nerve-wracking, so we want to explain in a simple way what it consists of and what to expect from it.

Medical History

The gynecologist will ask you many questions in order to prevent possible risks in your pregnancy. Personal health history of yourself, your partner or family members.  Medical and surgical history (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.) any process that is important). Gynecological and obstetric history to find out if there are any relevant problems or to know if you have had more pregnancies and how they went. Finally, it's important to talk about lifestyle habits.


It is the most awaited moment of this consultation, a vaginal ultrasound will serve to confirm the pregnancy, see that the embryo is well placed in the uterus, number of fetuses and their morphology.

It is possible that in the 7-8 week the heartbeat can already be heard, which causes great excitement in the future parents.

Blood and Urine Tests

From a complete analysis, it is possible to know the state of health in general and to know if there is any condition that may be harmful to the health of the baby.

It is important to know the RH (which in the case of being negative, treatment would have to be given to the future mother to protect the baby), if there is anemia since in some cases it can increase the risk of premature birth, bacteria in the urine since urinary infections can present a serious risk to the mother and the fetus, sugar levels, antibodies, etc.

Pregnancy Services

Genetic Testing

It is a prenatal screening test for genetic abnormalities in maternal blood.
It is a NON-invasive prenatal test, based on a blood test of the mother, which allows the detection of the most frequent chromosomal abnormalities, mainly Down syndrome, from the 10th week of pregnancy.

HD Live Ultrasound

Es un diagnóstico de alta tecnología que lo que pretende es ver el estado del bebé y sus avances. Con este ultrasonido se conoce al bebé tal y como es. Este tipo de tecnología live es cada vez más popular, en la actualidad casi todas las mujeres embarazadas plantean hacerse uno de éstos, para poder saber cómo será su bebé antes de nacer.

It is a modern ultrasound to be able to see the baby in motion and in 3 dimensions inside the mother's uterus. It gives a very detailed picture of the child to their parents, essentially because they offer real-time movement. You can see much more details and features of the baby than other ultrasounds.

Maternal-Fetal Nutrition

Part of our interests is the care of the Mother and Child population. Focusing on the specialized nutritional care of women during pregnancy, their breastfeeding process, postpartum stage; as well as in the care of women with polycystic ovary or obesity who wish to become pregnant.

Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in child nutrition, and have developed educational workshops and family care in the process of introducing solids to babies, care for young children who are underweight or obese, picky eaters and reorganization of eating habits of the whole family.

Childbirth Services

Room Birth

We provide the service of performing the delivery in the room and not in the operating room. With spacious rooms that contain everything you need for your attention.

Its objective is that the birth process is continuous, without separating the mother and father from the newborn, in this way attachment is established and family ties and breastfeeding are promoted from the first minutes of life.

Laser Cesarean Section

The replacement of the scalpel by laser beam has revolutionized surgery, in its application in childbirth and cesarean sections, creating great differences between the conventional procedure and this technique in favor of women in labor. The first thing is that laser is not an aggressive method. Unlike the mid-lateral cut with scissors that the specialist makes to the tissue to help the birth of the baby through the vagina, with the laser the muscles are separated just at the point of attachment that separates the left side from the right so that, instead of rupture of the fibers, what occurs is a natural separation. which closes in the same way.

Hence, the first advantage of laser delivery is that by NOT sectioning the muscle, the patient does NOT feel subsequent pain and discomfort, and there is NO bleeding during the intervention or distortion in muscle repair. And therefore a faster recovery.

Humanized Cesarean Section

The "Respected Cesarean Section" or also known as humanized includes a series of requirements or special situations, such as humane treatment, present companion, early skin-to-skin contact from the birth of the baby, no separation of the mother and baby and a better preparation for almost immediate breastfeeding.

For a new mom, having the opportunity to cuddle and caress her baby almost immediately at birth is a very powerful experience.   This type of birth is aimed at women or couples who want a different caesarean section experience, and greater contact with their baby from the beginning. Under a more relaxed atmosphere.

Some benefits of the respected caesarean section are: that the woman can ask to be raised a little so that she can see the birth through a transparent plastic curtain. Your baby may be taken out slowly to allow a little pressure on your breast, just like in a vaginal birth, to clean fluids from your lungs. Immediately after birth, the baby is placed on the breast (covered by a warm towel) to allow skin-to-skin contact. And have it on your chest for the rest of the surgery accompanied to the recovery room.  In addition, there are studies that reveal that immediate skin-to-skin contact helps regulate the baby's temperature and heart rate, as well as establish an effective connection and successful breastfeeding.

Lactation Counseling

One of our objectives is to provide adequate, timely and supportive information to women who wish to enjoy successful breastfeeding through the programs we have designed through the Maternal Fetal Nutrition unit.  We provide individualized consultation to the mother-to-be before or during her breastfeeding process, as well as breastfeeding workshops of interest to our patients.

To do this, we also have an exclusive Clínica Gestar App where you can get information and find out about valuable and useful information during your pregnancy process and beyond. Easy to access and follow just by being a patient of ours.

Postpartum Services

Pelvic Floor Unit

It is a unit where the gynecologist detects first-hand the alterations that women may have in their pelvic system, as a result of pregnancy or several pregnancies, the fall of the bladder or uterus, and even pain when having sexual intercourse. And where the Pelvic Floor Specialist Physiotherapist is in charge of rehabilitating the function and movement of these various abnormal situations that happen in women.

In this area, the relationship between both professionals is vital, since the pelvic floor physiotherapist has the ability to work on movement and pelvic statics, seeking recovery after surgeries (childbirth). In addition, it works on the preparation and subsequent recovery of the placement of support devices such as meshes for urinary incontinence, which is so common in women after the age of 50.

In addition, during pregnancy it is intimately related to both health specialties, since the first is in charge of the health of the mother and the baby during that important moment, but the Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist works on the mother's muscular capacity so that her pelvic floor will be prepared for pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Also, in cases of urinary incontinence it is vital since the Gynecologist diagnoses them together with the Urologist but in the same way the Physiotherapist can evaluate the patient and determine which doctor she should see.

Family Planning During Breastfeeding

Family planning can be achieved through a variety of methods. Which one is best for you?

A professional will attend to your queries and will be able to suggest which method is right for your body, also taking into account the time you want to plan. The recommendation is to allow at least 2 years to pass between one pregnancy and the other.

It would be risky to expose a breastfeeding woman to a new pregnancy. You can take care of yourself and plan for yourself, even during this period.

Implanon, a contraceptive that is implanted into a woman's skin; Mirena, an intra-uterine device or Jayess, birth control pills, are some of the most recognized options. Your age, medical history and needs will be taken into account when choosing the best option.

Stretch Mark Removal

During pregnancy, the skin can stretch up to 10 times more than its usual surface. Due to hormonal and dehydration factors, the skin fibers break down and form what we call stretch marks.

There is a key time to treat them and that is in the postpartum period. We have state-of-the-art technology to reduce them and trained professional staff to eliminate them.

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