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Clínica Gestar

CIMA Hospital, Escazú. Tower 1, 4th floor, consulting rooms 412 and 413

+506 4001-2155

Gynesalud Membership of Clínica Gestar

The Gynesalud membership of Clínica Gestar gives you the warmest welcome.

With our membership, you will find multiple annual benefits that will allow you to get great discounts on products and services.

Membership includes:

  • Complete annual gynecological check-up
  • 20% discounts on procedures and surgeries at Clínica Gestar
  • 10% discount on medical and prenatal consultations.
  • 20% discount on birth control devices
  • You will be able to include 2 first-degree relatives with your monthly payment, who will also have the Gynesalud benefits
  • And much more!
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