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Clínica Gestar

CIMA Hospital, Escazú. Tower 1, 4th floor, consulting rooms 412 and 413

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Medicos en una cirugia

Excellence in care and human team.

Our staff is made up of people who love what they do in their different areas, in order to provide quality service and prompt attention according to the needs of each patient.

"The unexpected is what changes your life"

Dr. Ronald Salazar


Areas of Service

Our priority is the patient, we will be accompanying you at every stage of life advising you.

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Technology at the service of your health

We are constantly renewing ourselves to be able to provide you with the latest technology for effective and early detection.

Genetic Testing

Also called a prenatal screening test for genetic abnormalities in maternal blood. It is a NON-invasive prenatal test, based on a blood test of the mother.

HD Live Ultrasound

It is a modern ultrasound to be able to see the baby in motion and in 3 dimensions inside the mother's uterus. Many more details and features of the baby can be appreciated.


Get to know the people in our team

We have various professionals in gynecology, obstetrics, general medicine and even subspecialties depending on the case of the patient, menopause, endocrinology. aesthetic gynecology, human reproduction, internal medicine, maternal-fetal nutrition and pelvic floor physiotherapy.